Refund terms

Our refund policy is applicable only to those payments which are directly linked to our services and have been made on our web site. We do not undertake any liability on any payments related with services and fees of any third parties.
The refund is made in US dollars according to our terms. We do not undertake any additional charges related with currency exchange and possible purchase commission fee. If you make payment in another currency, then it is automatically exchanged to the U.S. dollars. The exchange rate and other possible fees are defined by your bank, which has issues you the payment card. In case of a refund we do not cover the currency exchange balance, as the rate and fee is specified by your bank.
The refund is made to the payment card used for the initial transaction.

If you have applied for a new travel authorization ESTA Refund can be requested in 2 cases:

If you have use our service of Check Status of ESTA Application, Refund can be requested in 2 cases:

In order to request money return, please reach out to our Customer service centre by e-mail [email protected] and provide the following information:

In case the customer submitted application has been processed and submitted to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service, the money return policy is not applied.

If the refund request is in accordance with the Refund terms the refund will be made within 24 hours. Funds will be transferred to your payment card immediately after being processed by your bank. Usually the refund takes 10 business days.

In case your application is denied, funds are automatically transferred to your credit card.

In case of any inquiries or uncertainties, please contact our support service team. is a private entity not related with the US government and we do not make a decision on granting the travel authorizations, it is only under discretion of the United States Customs and Border Protection Service.

The terms are developed and approved January 31, 2020.