A fee is applied to submission of an application for travel authorization according to the U.S. Travel Promotion Act of 2009 and the third parties' fee on processing of on-line data. The travel authorization application processing fee consists of three parts:

  • - A state fee for the processing of the application for travel authorization in ESTA forms US $ 4,00.
  • - The state fee for authorization. If your application is approved and you receive authorization to travel to the United States, an additional US $ 10.00 will be charged additionally, altogether forming a state fee of US $14.00;
  • - A fee on the third parties' services on processing of on-line data, including data verification, processing and preparation of documents additionally forms US $ 70.00;

Receipt of the travel authorization on our web-page totals of US $ 84.00;

The service fee of our web-page additionally includes the following services:

  • - Quality check of the application before processing;
  • - An application processing and document preparation;
  • - An issue of a new travel authorization free of charge in case of changes to personal data, resulting in a need of a new travel authorization.
  • - Preparation and sending of the travel authorization to an e-mail address;
  • - 100% reimbursement in case the application for travel authorization is denied.
  • - Customer support centre. You are free to contact our support service before and after the application is processed. Our support centre will provide you with answers to all questions within 24 hours;

Fee for Service of Check Status of ESTA Application is 28 USD per application.