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Use of this web-page at any way expresses your agreement to the present Privacy Policy at its state on the moment you visit the web-page. Should you disagree with the Privacy Policy terms, the only action to take in order to provide that these terms are not applied to you is to discontinue use of this web-page.

The U.S. Travel authorisation (ESTA) on-line service Privacy Policy

Our purpose is to ensure comprehensive and high quality provision of our services, thus we might request from you personal information, required for receipt of the U.S. travel authorisation (ESTA). We do not request any such information that is not related with processing of the U.S Travel authorisation (ESTA) application. We do not make use of any other information you have provided to use or which has been provided without your consent.

Personal information

Personal information is such information allowing to identify you or is unique and applicable to you only, for example, your name, surname, passport data, address. We will use this information only for processing of the Travel authorisation (ESTA) application, as well as in case we require your payment data to return the application processing fee.

Information provided by you

We will not gather such personal information on you that might identify you as our customer, unless you provide such data on your own free will and voluntarily. We will use the information you have provided only for processing of the Travel authorisation (ESTA) application and in such a manner as you have provided the said information, including any payment related information, answers to questions or any other information you have provided willingly to us.

Your data safety

We offer a maximum protection against personal data and transaction information loss, illegitimate use and unauthorised access to data and information. We apply secure HTTPS data communication protocol. The data communication between your internet browser and our server is provided with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) safety certificate.
To ensure a maximum payment data security, we use the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which is the most secure security standard and is provided for companies accepting on-line payments from such payment cards as VISA and MasterCard.

Disclosing information

We may disclose your personal information to third parties only in relation with the effective laws and regulations upon a request from government bodies, court or other government institution, official request, subpoena or court order.

Technical information

Additional information gathered on web-page is not related with your personal data. We may gather information on an internet browser you use (including your IP address, geographical location, type of your browser) or any other technical information with a purpose to help us to make the site more useful for you and also to prevent any technical issues.

Marketing information will never allow for use of your personal information for advertising and promotion needs by third parties.

Amendments and changes to the Privacy Policy is entitled to occasionally amend this Privacy Policy at our own discretion. These Privacy protection terms are made available at web-page and shall be applied as of a date of the respective version mentioned above.

Your consent

When using our web-page you agree to gathering, storage and processing of your personal information according to terms of the present Privacy policy version.

Last version: January 31, 2020.